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Anti Ageing Facials – Glam Ibiza

Until recently, scientists have focused on creating formulations that treat the symptoms of ageing such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and age spots, rather than the causes. But through new research, we can now understand the biochemical changes that take place within the skin, changes classified as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP)

For those who love their science, you’ll enjoy this. For those who dont….please bear with me!


Often called Free Radicals, these little nasties initiate the deterioration of the skins structural support attacking the resilience, elasticity and suppleness of skin. Free Radicals are all around us and are created from anything containing oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen peroxide. Consider your behaviour towards UV, smoking and pollution. These unstable molecules change the structure of a cell which sets off a chain reaction. The body can handle this species, through ingestion of certain foods, Vitamins C & E and certain enzymes Рwe call these substances Anti Oxidants. However if these Anti Oxidants are in short supply, the skin is usually last in the queue to get its ration creating lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging. This is where skin preparations and anti ageing facials come into play. Products containing Anti Oxidants can help prevent future damage to the skin by trapping and quenching the Free Radicals or ROS rendering them harmless.


We do have natural UV inhibitors in the skin, but as we age, they decrease massively, making way for Matrix Metalloproteinases – MMPs. These bad guys are responsible for the degradation of collagen and elastin production, again affecting the resilience and suppleness of the skins structure and causing photo damage. Retinol (Vitamin A) is an excellent choice for reversing the signs of photageing and preventing the formation of MMPs, along with Bioflavanoids from Grape Seed extract and Polypehnols from White Tea. Look for these ingredients in your skin care and daylight defence

Controlling Biochemical Responses

Controlling these reactions before they occur is the most effective way to stop the negative results associated with the signs of ageing. Bear in mind however that the skin is constantly ageing, and many of these reactions will have already taken place. But educating ourselves, considering ingredients within or products and selecting the correct anti ageing regimen will control future reactions.


Ingredients to look out for

To effectively protect the cells from biochemical reactions, you will need to invest in:

Cleanser – ideally with resurfacing qualities


Day moisturiser with a minimum of SPF 50

Night cream

Eye cream


Within these products, look for the following ingredients:


Tripeptide -5

Microencapsulated vitamins A, C & E (for better stability and penetration)

Pea Extract

White Tea

Alaria Extrcat

Retinol – for both photoageing & chronological ageing


Anti Ageing Facials to invest in

Microdermabrasion – to deeply resurface and exfoliate dulling, ageing skin cells and to increase cell turnover

Micro Current – to reeducate and tone loose facial contours whilst introducing anti ageing substances into the skin

Regular Anti Ageing Facials – remember that stress has a major impact on the skin. Book a regular anti ageing facial that relaxes, whilst resurfacing, hydrating and plumping.


To discuss these ideas further, for advice and treatment information, contact Anti Ageing Facials start from 50e






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