Ibiza Party Skin

Ibiza Party Skin

Beautiful people might out parading those defined, polished Ibiza looks they have worked so hard on, but will it be the same story on Tuesday? What happens to those little skin cells after a weekend partying? How is that Ibiza Party Skin?

Alcohol is a Hepatotoxin, meaning it specifically damages the liver. Someone with a severely damaged liver will look sallow, pasty with enlarged pores and some of these effects can start to appear after a long weekend of alcohol consumption. Alcohol also contains Congeners, chemical substances produced during the fermentation process that contribute to alcohols smell and taste. Congeners are the main cause of hangovers, so the more congeners in your drink, the worse you are going to look and feel in the morning. On top of this, alcohol dehydrates the skin, meaning skin will appear less plump and fresh.

Oh dear…feeling rather depressed now….but there are some simple steps to follow to help limit this damage. So which drinks are less harmful to the skin?

  • Clear spirits such as gin or vodka as they contain no sugar or additives to aggravate the skin, are less harmful
  • Dark shots – such as rum and tequila contain larger amounts of congeners, meaning a worse hangover and a more toxic effect on the cells
  • Cocktails…the danger here is the sugar they contain. Sugar is inflammatory which contributes to untimely cell damage. It can also aggravate conditions such as acne, by spiking insulin levels causing inflammation throughout the body. You will also be left with a sugar hangover as well as an alcohol hangover, leaving you with blood shot eyes and  sallow skin
  • Beer often has a salt content, and this will create problems with swollen eyes and thirsty skin

And finally, our top 5 hints to rescue your skin…

  • Before you go out, place a glass of water by the side of your bed. Trust me…put it there now. You’ll be too busy wrestling with your strappy sandals and boho headpiece that has become forever tangled in your hair to even think about water when you get in.
  • Drink the water…the whole glass. You’ll thank me for it in the morning, trust me!
  • Wash your make-up off when you get home. Get a simple foaming face wash so you can quickly splash your make-up off. Think about your poor skin cells struggling to breathe after all of that alcohol…let alone being smothered in make-up and perspiration…OFF it comes! And no….100% no…do not use make-up wipes (thats whooole new blog in itself)
  • Invest in a decent, quality hydration mask or booster and upon rising (or crawling) smother yourself in it. This will help to replenish water in the cells and prevent any dehydration lines from appearing. Our favourite is Skin Hydrating Booster…the equivalent to a glass of water to the skin
  • Drink Coconut water…it has the same 5 electrolytes found in human blood and is known to have been used in medical emergencies…im pretty sure Opening Weekend would qualify for this??

So there you have it, your Ibiza Party Skin Survival Guide. Give it a try… I’m sure there are worse ways you could wake up….?